4 Ways to Spend Your Family Day Indoors

16 Feb 4 Ways to Spend Your Family Day Indoors

With the Family Day holiday fast approaching we’ve decided to put together a list of four ideas that your kids might enjoy doing without leaving the warmth of your home on a cold February day. These ideas will create great family memories and won’t break your bank on this holiday.

  1. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Something that is always a hit with children – the scavenger hunt! For younger kids, simply give them a list of items to find inside, for your older children you can make it more challenging by setting up brain teasers you must solve to find the next clue. Either way, this is a crowd pleaser.

  1. Fort Building

It’s too cold to camp, but that doesn’t mean its too cold to build a fort in your living room! Gather up the extra bed sheets, blankets, and all the pillows, turn off the lights and use a lamp to project shadow puppets on the wall.

  1. Build an Obstacle Course

Get some of that energy out! Build an obstacle course throughout your home, up and down the stairs, jumping over items, crawling under chairs and rolling across the living room. Kids love the park, bring the park to the inside of your home! An idea like this can be followed by a movie and some popcorn.

  1. Bake or Cook together

Teach your kids a family recipe or bake some cookies to hand out to your friends and family. Learning to cook or bake is a messy activity but you can teach your kids about nutrition, or they can understand what it takes to make dinner every night for them. This is a life-long skill to introduce to your children at any age.

There are so many great ways you can take the time to celebrate Family Day next week and don’t forget to keep your eyes open to local events that might be planned for the occasion in your community. Enjoy the time you get to spend with your family!

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