5 Fun Valentine’s Day Office Activities

02 Feb 5 Fun Valentine’s Day Office Activities

All of us here at The Job Shoppe love to celebrate holidays! We’ll take every possible opportunity to do something fun and team-oriented.

This year for Valentine’s Day our team will be participating in an game called Cupid Confidential. This is a fun activity where all team members draw a name and secretly leave that person treats in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. On the last day each person has to guess who their secret Cupid was.

For more fun ideas like Cupid Confidential, check out the 5 activities below that will be sure to put you and your office in the Valentine’s Day spirit!

1. Put up decorations

Get everyone involved in decorating the office for Valentine’s Day. Have each employee bring in different items like streamers, balloons and anything else related to the holiday. On Valentine’s Day get the office together and have a fun photo shoot (your beautifully decorated office will be the perfect backdrop) and post the pictures on your social media.

2. Chocolate guessing game

Fill a large vase with chocolate candies like Hershey’s or Lindt and put it in the lunchroom. Throughout the week employees can submit their guesses as to how many chocolates are in the vase. The employee who guesses closest to the actual number wins the vase with the chocolates.

3. Dress to impress

Although Fridays are typically known for being a more casual dress day, perhaps consider making an exception for Valentine’s Day. Have all employees come in dressed a bit more fancier than usual. Or if your office wants to stick with the more casual approach employees can just come in wearing Valentine’s Day themed colours or pin a rose to their suits.

4. Dessert potluck

Valentine’s Day is all about indulging in sweets! So instead of everyone bringing in a typical lunch/dinner-type dish, employees are only allowed to bring in desserts. To step it up a notch it could be further specified that the dessert must be Valentine’s Day themed like a heart-shaped cake or pink cookies.

5. Best love story

See who in the office has the most interesting story of how they and their significant other met. Have everyone write down their stories in a couple of lines and read through the submissions to see who has the most unique story. The prize could be a romantic dinner for two.

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