5 Things Business Leaders Can Do To Create A Safer Work Place

02 May 5 Things Business Leaders Can Do To Create A Safer Work Place

With one-in-five Canadians living with a mental illness or addiction, it’s impossible to avoid the urgent call to action for a safer work space – and not just physically, but psychologically. The Occupational Health and Safety Act in Ontario (OHSA) identifies the employer’s responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their employees, though it does not specify mental harm in the same way as it does physical harm. Whether an employee is being triggered by a present situation or haunted by something that happened in their past employment, it takes vulnerability and empathy from management and leaders to really make a difference in the workplace.

Hint: it involves vulnerability, and it can seriously improve employees’ mental health and productivity.


For the safety of your team, and to reach maximum efficiency for your business, means to put mental health practices at the forefront of your business motto. This especially means leading by example and showing employees that it’s okay to struggle and to seek help. Demonstrating this vulnerability as a leader will result in a successful business, and a happier workplace for all parties.


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