5 Ways to Beat the Winter Workplace Blues

15 Jan 5 Ways to Beat the Winter Workplace Blues

For the last month or so we’ve arrived and left work in the dark – add that to the freezing cold weather, and it’s tough to continue to be motivated when it comes to working.  Everyone has so many busy moments over the Holidays, but once things settle down, you are left with what some refer to as the “winter blues.”

To combat these feelings, we’ve come up with some ways to keep yourself happy and inspired at work.

  1. Eat Smarter

When it comes to snacking or eating lunch at the office sometimes if you eat too heavy, it makes you move a lot slower. Snack often and lightly to keep you from feeling the dragging of your workday.

  1. Transform Your Workspace

Decluttering is liberating, throw out what’s not needed or go through and reorganize your files. Find a positive image or photo of your family – tape or frame it for your desk.

  1. Volunteer Your Time

Depending on your place of work, you might be able to volunteer with a community project, get involved with organizing the next work event or help take down the Christmas decor at the office. Something fun, work-related but gets you out of the monotony of your work.

  1. Plan Your Next Vacation

Sometimes looking ahead at a potential holiday or time off work can help beat the blues. Planning, organizing and researching that next big trip will help you find something to look forward to.

  1. Change up Your Music

Uplifting music can improve not only your mood but your work can be positively impacted as a result. Whether you have large speakers for the entire staff or your headphones, make yourself a playlist and work it out.

As we are all coming back to work and feeling those blues, try one of these five ideas to improve your focus and to work happily!

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