6 Ways to Make a Great First Impression At Your Interview

30 Mar 6 Ways to Make a Great First Impression At Your Interview

In the time leading up to an interview your main focus is usually on prepping yourself for the difficult questions and making sure you have all the proper answers at the ready.

While this is still a necessary part of the preparation, don’t underestimate the importance of making a great first impression. The saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” rings especially true here. The second you walk through the door you are being judged. It’s an uncomfortable truth but unfortunately it’s just the way things are. That’s why making a great first impression from the beginning can make a huge impact on how the interviewer perceives you.

So check out the tips below to help start you off in the right way and give you that extra confidence to land the job.

1. Be punctual

Although this may seem like common sense to most people, it’s worth driving the point home. Getting to your interview on time is very important. Arriving 10-15 minutes earlier is even better. This way you can get yourself settled and take that extra few minutes to go over your resume one last time. Now we all know there are always instances where emergencies come up so if you are running late, make sure to call the interviewer and let them know as soon as possible.

2. Dress Professional

Your appearance is the ultimate first impression. It shows that you have respect for the interviewer and that you are taking this opportunity seriously. So go to the interview wearing your power outfit. You’ll look professional and it’ll help give you that extra bit of confidence.

3. Be nice to the person at the front desk

Although this individual might not have the power to make or break your future with that company, their perception of you is still important. Oftentimes the interviewer will ask the receptionist to report back to them about their initial thoughts on that person. So make sure you show that person the same respect as you would show the interviewer. Getting that extra bit of positive feedback is always a plus.

4. Be organized

When the interviewer asks for your resume or list of references, the worst thing you could do is start shuffling through your bag trying to find them. Always be prepared. Have all important papers at the ready for whenever the interviewer may ask for them. It’s also a good idea to have a couple of pens and a notepad with you just in case.

5. Initiate the introduction

Don’t be afraid to make the first move when introducing yourself to the interviewer. Something as simple making the effort to shake their hand first gives the impression that you are self-assured and genuinely happy to be there.

6. Find a Commonality

Making a connection with the interviewer can also be very beneficial heading into your interview. Before the interview begins see if you can find something you both have in common. Whether it was that you went to the same university or are both fans of the same hockey team. This initial conversation puts you on a more personal level with the interviewer and gives you a chance to relax before the real business begins.

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