8 Ways to Celebrate Holidays with Your Staff

27 Jun 8 Ways to Celebrate Holidays with Your Staff

Holidays are important to companies. It’s a way to celebrate and come together in a tradition that makes us feel like a family. These small celebrations build employee engagement, enforces teambuilding, increases morale, which encourages an overall happy workplace. Annual holiday meals or festivities are something your employees can look forward to and count on. Your office tradition can range from a potluck lunch, attending a local event as an office, or simply dressing up.
Since Canada Day is fast approaching, here are some ideas to inspire your next company gathering.

Potlucks are a simple idea – company supplied items mixed with employee made/purchased foods. You can do themes such as Red and White for Canada Day, or have one just because you’ve hit a goal as a company.

2. Volunteer/ Donate Together
Employees find philanthropic giving back inspirational and exciting. Ask your staff to choose a charity to fundraise for, to paint a wall, to work a night in the local soup kitchen or even just donate food, clothing or household items too. The feeling of working together towards a goal for local non-profit can be super satisfying for your staff!

3. Company Picnic/ Weekend Activity
Depending on the average age of your employees – you could put together a family picnic, where your staff is encouraged to bring their families or pets for a day under the sun at a local park.

4. Contests
Putting together small workplace contests for a friendly competition can help break up the monotony, and add some excitement to the workplace. Buy tickets to a local event and have your employees work towards a goal to enter a draw or being the ‘best dressed’ for Halloween.

5. Attend a Local Event Together
You may have some great events locally, and your employees might enjoy putting together a team for an event or attending an outdoor concert after work.

6. Decorate Your Space
Allow your employees to decorate their cubicles, the walls or windows by their desk area – vote on who did the best job!

7. Card/Gift Exchange
Around the winter, holidays such as Christmas, you could invite your staff to participate in a hand written card exchange – something a bit more personal.

8. Small Treats
In the summer time – try having sundaes available in the office lunch room, or during the winter a hot chocolate spread with all the toppings to warm up. Short breaks to socialize and walk away from our work is proven to help with focus and creativity.

Your employees will appreciate the celebrations, and they add to positive workplace motivation. Happy employees, happy workplace, in turn, create a happy life.

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