9 Helpful Tips to Ensure Your Resume is Seen

29 Jul 9 Helpful Tips to Ensure Your Resume is Seen

Recruiters receive hundreds of CVs to sort through for any given position. This makes an almost impossible task for a recruiter to read every single one of them in full. If you really want to stand out amongst the competition and be seen by a recruiter, you need to say the things they are looking for.

1 – Do you have a professional email address?
Don’t brand the top of your CV with an embarrassing email address you set up from your high school days. You should have a separate email address used primarily for job hunting – ideally combining your first and last name into the address.

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2- Avoid meaningless clichés
Instead of writing statements on your CV such as “I’m a hard working team player,” show the recruiter examples of times you’ve worked hard with a team. Showing the results goes a lot further and stating a fact with nothing to back it up.

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3 – Skill Graphs
Creating skill charts provide no real tangible scale to the level of experience you have working with a given software.

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4 – Photographs
Unless your applying for a modelling position, your CV should be picture free! Space is limited and should be used to showcase your ability and accomplishments, not wasted space on photos.

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5 – Too Many Pages
Recruiters cherish their time and with receiving an average of 118 CVs per job posting. The ideal length of a CV should be no more than two pages.

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6 – Unexplained Gaps
Gaps in employment can be normal, but unexplained gaps will cause fear in a recruiter. If your CV has these unexplained gaps don’t be afraid to supplement them with other content. Did you start your own business? Travel the world? Or invest time into personal projects? These instances will help ease the recruiter.

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7 – Spelling & Grammar Mistakes
When it comes to submitting a CV, double checking, triple checking and then checking spelling again. This is the only way to ensure your CV is free of errors. Enlisting a second pair of eyes to help review will provide better insight and catch those small errors you might have missed.

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8 – Elaborate Fonts
Feel like being fancy? Try expressing that with visual writing and not through fancy fonts! Elaborate fonts will result in your CV being thrown out by a recruiter within a matter of seconds.

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9 – Big Chunks of Text
Huge unbroken paragraphs are a reader’s worst nightmare. The jumble of useless texts hides your true ability and causes a recruiter to throw out your CV. small and sharp lines of texts are your best friend.

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Bonus Tip
The first hurdle is getting a recruiter to open your CV. Your cover letter will prove to be your first barrier in this challenge. Prior to submitting you should ensure you cover letter is short and sharp to hold the recruiter’s attention. Match your skills to the job advert requirements in order to show your suitability to the position. Finally, you should address the recruiter by name and in a friendly tone. Researching the recruiter prior to submitting will allow you to create a more personal tone and avoid the dreaded “To Whom It May Concern.”

We have compiled some useful tips to help you strengthen your CV and catch the eye of a recruiter. Good luck, the journey to employment can sometimes be a daunting one but with the right advice you’ll be that one step closer.

If you want to talk to a recruiter to get advice on improving your CV, we offer a CV review session on Fridays. Give us a call at 519-979-4400 and ask for anyone in recruitment to get started.

Good Luck with Your Job Search!!

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