Creating An Office Environment Employees Thrive In

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27 Jan Creating An Office Environment Employees Thrive In

It’s always a treat to provide an occasional “extra” for the office, such as lunch, or a fun activity, but what does your staff really get out of this if they don’t enjoy being in their workspace day after day? Creating an environment your employees will thrive in will not only improve morale and motivation, it will also improve the overall quality and quantity of work delivered. Let’s review some of the polices and office amenities that will have your staff enjoy coming to work in the morning:

1. Create a clean, organized, and comfortable environment. This takes more than providing a comfortable chair. It incorporates lighting, ventilation, temperature, design, and aesthetics. Creating an open, climate controlled space, with lots of natural light will help to keep everyone energized during the day. Selecting certain colours and decor can affect the overall mood of the office. For example, painting your walls green is calming and reassuring, whereas yellow stimulates creativity and optimism.  Removing clutter and keeping the office clean and organized will also help to increase productivity and motivation.

2. Make your workplace a community. Working as a team creates a sense of collaboration and community, setting a positive atmosphere that will lead to achieving the overall goals of the office. When someone is swamped, having a colleague “jump in” and offer unsolicited help evokes feelings of comradeship , which fosters loyalty and a need to “pass it forward” in the future. If we think of the office as a community, service and amity should be the core of that community. This is what creates a true team atmosphere.

3. Consider the wellness of your employees. Having a work environment that puts an emphasis on wellness is a key to success. Try incorporating a lunch time yoga session or group walk. If you have the space, add a small gym to the office. Some companies will have a bring-your-pet-to-work-day, which is a big stress reliever. These small additions can have a large effect on happiness and productivity.

4. Be flexible. Incorporating flexible work hours, and allowing your employees to schedule their own day, unless it conflicts with a meeting, shows them they are trusted and respected. For example, allowing your employees to schedule appointments (like doctors appointments, hair cuts, oil changes, etc.) during day and make up the hours at a later time improves morale.  Another way to incorporate this mentality is one week a month allow your employees to work long hours for four days (Monday through Thursday), and have the fifth day off. This allows your staff to get caught up on appointments and all the things they need to get done at home. By alleviating that stress, they are in turn more focused at work.

5. Give and receive feedback. Employees feel more valued when they are given positive feedback. Showing the employees how their work is contributing to success of the company is very encouraging. In addition, involving your staff in decision making, and putting value to their opinion creates enthusiasm and increases innovation, driving bottom-line results.

Implementing some of these changes can take your company to the next level – helping you to retain and motivate current employees, and recruit new hires.

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