Don’t Let Your Social Media Stop You from Getting the Job!

31 Mar Don’t Let Your Social Media Stop You from Getting the Job!

So you are thinking of applying to a position, what is one of the first things you do? Research the company? Check out their website and social media? Well guess what, they are doing the same thing to you! Why? They want to know as much as possible about you. Are you going to be a good representation of their company? Are you reliable? Do you have any dirty secrets?

That being said, you have to be VERY careful with how you portray yourself online. Here are a few guidelines to follow to keep your image intact:

Do not be overly opinionated – there is a fine line to walk with this one. It is acceptable to have an educated opinion or view on a certain topic, however, the problem lies when you are viewed as radical or overly opinionated. Along this same line is discriminatory behaviour. Be careful not to post or “like” anything that can be perceived as discriminatory. Keep in mind your future employee is evaluating how they think you will fit in with their team –  showing you are not open to other opinions or ethnic origins can be viewed as a strike against you.

Be selective with your photos – of course you are allowed to have a life outside of work, but posting riskee pictures, or photos of you in particular social settings could give off the wrong impression of how you spend your free time.

Watch your spelling and grammar – if your posting regularly, and constantly make spelling and grammatical errors, this can reflect on your attention to detail. Make sure you proof read your posts.

Don’t speak negatively of past employers or colleagues – if you are posting negatively about them, how do they know you will not do the same about their company? Keep those opinions to yourself.

You can try to make your privacy settings as stringent as possible, but the reality of the matter is you cannot control everything in the social media world. So keep it clean!

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