Employee Management Resolutions for 2015

14 Jan Employee Management Resolutions for 2015

It’s the end of the year, and it’s that time when you reflect on what you accomplished over the past 12 months.

For some, it’s a time to make resolutions.

And since we know a bit about employee management, we wanted to help get the ball rolling with those resolutions for 2015. Maybe there are some goals you’d like to accomplish, some overall improvements you’d like to see…whatever your employee management resolutions are—you can make them happen.

Here are just a few areas to consider:

1) Setting Attainable Goals:

One of the best ways to improve employee management and track progress over the course of a year is to set benchmarks. However, your goals need to be realistic and appropriate, too. When you give your team members the chance to prove themselves as well as new challenges, everyone has a better sense of direction and purpose—and your organization benefits.

2) Putting Emphasis on Employee Satisfaction:

Taking the time to become invested in your employees’ well-being means you’re ensuring that your entire staff feels like a real part of the business. When people get left behind or cliques form, employee satisfaction starts to plummet. Create group collaboration opportunities and let everyone know they are important and necessary to the success of your organization.

3) Celebrating Success:

So often, we allow our failures to take up more time than our successes. However, when you take the time to celebrate a job well done with your team, they begin to realize that those instances are just as important as taking care of business when something goes wrong.

4) Retaining Quality:

Keeping great employees is harder than it sounds—especially if you can’t offer a large salary increase. However, by focusing on your fantastic company culture, providing opportunities for advancement, and working from bonus systems, you can help keep your star employees excited about coming in to work.

5) Fostering Groupthink:

This year, get your team out of their comfort zone and work on creating more opportunities for brainstorming and group collaboration. You might find new ideas from outside perspectives and/or forge new working relationships that lead to positive outcomes for your bottom line.

5) Addressing the Elephant in the Room:

Is there an issue within your organization that’s on everyone’s conscience but isn’t being addressed? This year, it’s time to grit your teeth and have a company-wide discussion on how the issue can be resolved. Whether it’s abuse of the lunch hour or a lopsided vacation policy—don’t let it fester any longer. It’s time to hash it out.

2015 is sure to be an outstanding year for your business if you can remember to focus on these employee management improvements. Sure, not all of it is easy or fun—but in the long run, they make a huge impact on your company. Happier employees with greater direction = a more successful organization.

Ask yourself: What other areas could we improve upon next year? What can we add to this list?

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