Five Tips for Safe Driving This Winter

14 Dec Five Tips for Safe Driving This Winter

With the snow staying on the ground in two out of three of our main locations we thought reminding our employee’s, clients and the general public would be valuable.

1. Check Your Vehicle

In the winter, it’s incredibly important that you have working windshield wipers and your fluid is topped up. Check your car before leaving your driveway, remove all snow, make sure your lights are not covered, and all your mirrors/windows are visible. And it’s always a positive to carry an emergency kit.

2. Plan Ahead, Be Prepared

If you are making a small or large trip – this is always something you should do. Look online, listen to the radio and plan your route. If the road conditions and weather look bad, stay home and off the road.

3. Slow Down, Stay Alert

Make sure to drive according to the road conditions. Slow down and allow extra space, focus on the road and vehicles around you. Be cautious of bridges or icy areas.

4. Stay in Control

Steer gently on curves and in slippery conditions. Sudeen moves can cause you to lose control, anticipate when you might need to brake and avoid cruise control on wet/snowy/icy pavement.

5. Share the Road

Avoid crowding the center line to allow other vehicles to travel safely. It is extremely dangerous to pass a snowplow, slow down as you approach a plow from behind.

Ultimately, you need to be aware of your surroundings, slow down and just make sure to take your time. Your life and those around you is more important than the rush.

For more detail see the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario –¬†

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