How Can You Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market?

14 Nov How Can You Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market?

In today’s competitive job market it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out to potential employers amongst a growing pool of applicants. Usually, for any given job opening, the applicants and resumes will be fairly similar and will easily start to blend in to one another for the hiring manager. Therefore, if you want to have an edge over the competition, you need to make an extra effort to be unique and memorable. Here are three ways to make sure that you stand out amongst the competition:

1. Highlight Your Accomplishments

Often when describing past jobs, people will list and detail what their responsibilities were for each position. Instead, you should use this valuable space to showcase what you accomplished in each position. This will show the value of your work rather than just saying you’ve done things.

2. Write a Targeted Cover Letter

A carefully crafted cover letter that has been specifically tailored to meet each employers needs and expectations is necessary to stand out. Feel free to use your cover letter as an opportunity to show some of your personality and pizazz.

3. Invite Yourself to an Interview

It may sound a little crazy but one of the best ways to really stand out is to simply show up at the prospective employer’s business and ask for a few minutes of their time. Use the time to briefly introduce yourself and hand them a physical copy of your resume, cover letter, and both personal and professional references.

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