Keep Your Employees Hopping!

11 Apr Keep Your Employees Hopping!

Eggs, bunnies, and… PEEPS have found their way into your home! These items play a part in some of the wonderful holiday traditions. Did you know they also can be used in the office, too? What better time of the year for some new employee engagement ideas than the Spring! With the warm weather, everyone will enjoy a quick breath of fresh air! Successfulemployee engagement activities will create unity and foster collaboration, effective communication and teamwork. Try one of these Easter employee engagement activities:

  1. Easter Egg Hunt – If you are looking for an idea that doesn’t involve blocking off time on the calendar for your employees this is it. Fill your eggs with candy, coupons for coffee, free lunches, or anything else you can think of! Be sure to hide the eggs the night before all over the office. Don’t forget to let your employees know that they should keep an eye out for colourful eggs throughout their day. This is a great way to say thank you right before the holiday.
  2. Office Bing – Boost morale and have a little team-building fun with an Easter themed Bingo card! An office Bingo is a perfect way to keep your colleagues alert and raise morale as they go about their daily tasks. And of course, your employees aren’t playing for no reason. Follow the traditional Bingo rules and hand out prizes for the first line, first “x” and first full card. Search Easter Bingo Cards on Pinterest for a free printable card.
  3. Egg Decoration – Some employee engagement ideas are less like games and more like a bonding experience. Colouring eggs with your colleagues is a fun and distracting way to relax in the office. Schedule a time. Break your employees up into teams and ask them to decorate their egg based on their cultural/religious beliefs. Provide supplies. Make sure to display the eggs around the office and have them vote on their favourite decorated egg.
  4.  Yummy Potluck – Teamwork can make all the difference between success and failure. That’s because collaborative teams excel at dividing responsibilities and working towards the same goal. Organize your employees to bring food to be shared with everyone. Encourage them to connect with one another over food and discuss things beyond work. Often such discussions may reveal hidden talents and opportunities for business growth.
  5. Photo Booth – Since the first photo booth appeared nearly 100 years ago, photo booths have been capturing moments in time. A pop-up office photo booth is an excellent excuse for your employees to take a moment to step away from the computer, have a bit of fun, and share that experience with their network on social media. Try making a DIY themed backdrop and props as part of the fun. Be sure to check out Pinterest if you need a little inspiration.
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