Kick These Habits and Become Your Most Productive Self

11 Feb Kick These Habits and Become Your Most Productive Self

Have you ever come across someone who just seemed to get everything done and was by far the most productive person you knew? Why can’t you become that person?

There is a notable distinction between being busy and being productive. Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive. Being productive is about working smarter, not harder and making the most out of every single day. We need to learn how to spend the least amount of energy to get the most benefits.

Get rid of these habits and you will be on the road to becoming your most productive self:

Don’t just wing it. Plan your day the night before. How many times have you laid awake at night thinking about everything you have to get done the next day? This makes the mind restless, and leads to a lack of sleep. Planning your day the night before should get rid of this problem, and when you wake up the next morning you will be ready to hit the ground running, knowing exactly what you have to get done.

You can’t always be the “yes man” in the office. You may think taking on the world will help you to succeed in your career, but when you take on too much you don’t have the time to focus on your more important tasks. You will eventually become overwhelmed and burn yourself out. On that note, when you find yourself overburdened, and people offer you assistance, take it. They are not offering because they don’t think you can handle the work, they are offering because a productive team is more beneficial than one burned out employee.

Do Not Disturb. How many times throughout your day are you are getting interrupted via text, phone or email? Or how often do you catch yourself checking your social media only to notice a half hour has already gone by? When it’s time to get important work done, you have to set a Do Not Disturb Policy. Focus on your task at hand and allot yourself a certain amount of time during the day to get caught up on emails. Keep the social media and non-work related interruptions to your lunch time and break.

Stop procrastinating…tomorrow. When you start your day or week, it always seems less daunting to get the easiest tasks out of the way first. But as the day/week goes on, new tasks come up, and now you still have to get the larger, more difficult tasks done. To avoid having to stay late, or bring your work home with you, get those difficult tasks completed at the start of the day/week to make the most of your time. As a bonus, you will feel great to have gotten them out of the way.

Being productive isn’t always easy, but the rewards are more than worth it. When you are productive, not only will you get more work done, you will also reduce your stress along the way.

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