The Job Shoppes Guide to Beating Blue Monday

12 Jan The Job Shoppes Guide to Beating Blue Monday

Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, is coming up! What’s your plan to keep your employees motivated and happy on this dismal day? If you haven’t thought about it, don’t worry. Here is The Job Shoppes essential guide to dodging depression in the office…

Wear bright colours: Our outward appearance reflects our inner mood. If we wear bright clothes on the outside, it may help us feel happier on the inside. Our staff is asked to wear bright, fun colours on Blue Monday.

Listen to upbeat music: Change up the music for the day. Try something new and uplifting. At the Job Shoppe, we are going to listen to a Caribbean mix, that will transport us to the tropics for the day.

Maximize your exposure to daylight: Open all the curtains in the office. Winter’s short days can make us feel less energized and melancholy. Brighten the office to help fight the gloom.

Get Active: Exercise naturally increases endorphins in the body, which in turn triggers a positive feeling. We are encouraging our employees to get out for a 15 minute walk on their lunch and get some fresh air.

Watch what you eat: Providing healthy, bright and antioxidant rich food can go a long way in keeping up your employees energy levels. We will be providing a breakfast to start our employees day off on the right foot.

Play a game/Do a craft: Pulling your employees away from their desk, even for 10 minutes, can give them the lift they need to go on with their day. Try an adult colouring contest or play a quick game of charades. Use your imagine, the options are endless.

Opt for a little relaxation: Relieve the tension by having someone come into the office to give your employees a quick 10 minute massage, or mini mani and pedis. This will definitely take the edge off.

Using these suggestions, your office can actually Enjoy Blue Monday!

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