Volunteer … to get the Job or Advance your Current Career


24 Feb Volunteer … to get the Job or Advance your Current Career

Volunteering not only provides you with the chance to give back to the community and help those in need, it also provides the opportunity to develop new skills, build your experience and knowledge base, and expand your personal and professional network. That being said, volunteering can be instrumental in giving you that extra boost to help you attain a desired job, or excel further in your current career. Here’s how volunteering can help you thrive:

Stand out in a crowd: Hiring managers value volunteerism and having this on your resume can help you to stand out against other candidates.

Get the experience: How many job descriptions have you read that required one or more years experience in the field? How are you supposed to get this experience if no one will hire you without it? Volunteering could be the solution for you. Involve yourself with projects and tasks that will allow you to learn and build on your skills so you are able to develop that required experience and land the job.

Try on different shoes: Not sure what you want to do for a living just yet? Volunteering allows you to try out different organizations, roles, tasks, etc., without jumping jobs. You can get a taste of the different fields and careers available and determine where you can see yourself excelling.

Expand your network: Getting out there and volunteering will help you to foster reciprocal and advantageous connections with prominent people in the community. In addition, if you are competent and helpful, your supervisor may serve as a reference for you when you are applying for jobs.

Learn something new: Volunteering can help you development new skills as well as build on your current strengths. It may be beneficial to help out in areas you do not have much experience in, and captilaize on the expertise of those around you to further develop in that area.

If these are not reason enough to volunteer, it can also be a very fun and rewarding experience. Remember, volunteers are a fundamental resource in our community. Their dedication and service helps to reduce the costs incurred by many not-for-profit organizations, leaving more money to contribute to our local projects and needs. In addition, volunteers provide pivotal expertise in a wide variety of areas, and help to foster reciprocal and advantageous connections within the greater community. In delivering services to charities and those in need, volunteers are a treasured and necessary asset…so get started today!

We have a great volunteer opportunity available with Windsor Corporate Challenge, a fun filled day of team building challenges. All net proceeds from this event will go directly to The Ronald McDonald House Windsor. From event day roles to committee positions and everything in between, there is a volunteer position that will utilize your skills and interests. Feel free to contact us at info@windsorcorporatechallenge.com or visit the website at www.windsorcorporatechallenge.com.

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