DisruptHR Windsor 2.0

Are you tired of the same old approaches to HR? Are you eager to start a fresh conversation about the way we work? DisruptHR Windsor 2.0 is the event for you! Building on the belief that the traditional methods of managing people and talent are no longer sufficient, DisruptHR brings together thought leaders and change-makers to share their insights and ideas in a dynamic and interactive setting. 

To give you a peek at what to expect, DisruptHR events feature fast-paced presentations for a diverse range of speakers who are given just five minutes to share their innovative ideas on various HR-related topics. These bite-sized talks are designed to challenge, inspire and leave you with plenty of food for thought.  

Professionals will come together at Vin Winery on Thursday, May 30th for an evening of inspiring speakers and networking.

  • Hear what HR leaders and workplace innovators are doing in 2024 to improve the workplace
  • Discover innovative approaches to how companies are disrupting current practices and adding value to Windsor’s HR community
  • Network with forward-thinking HR and Tech people – we want to ensure we network and build connections

Capacity is limited and this event is specifically designed for HR, Talent Pros and Leaders. The cost of a ticket is $45.00 CND. All tickets must
be purchased in advance of the event on Eventbrite. No tickets will be sold onsite. Food will be provided, a cash bar and lots of time for
catching up with old friends and making new ones too.

So get ready for a whirlwind of ideas, insights, and inspiration. We want you to be a part of this experience too! Our audience is encouraged to
interact – clap, cheer, laugh, cry, tweet, text, and play nice. This is your chance to be a part of the conversation, engage with the speakers and
each other, and make a real difference in the world of work


Applications for DisruptHR Windsor 2.0 are Now Open!

We’re looking for innovators, trailblazers and early adopters to join our rebellion and become a speaker. 

Event speakers will discuss a wide range of topics, from diversity to inclusion to mental health in the workplace, from innovative HR practices to the power of storytelling in employee engagement. 

Event Format:

  • 10 speakers deliver a 5-minute presentation and slides will automatically rotate every 15 seconds
  • Professional Audio/Visual and lighting at the event will be provided as speakers will be recorded

Speaker Application Process:

  • April 18 – Speaker applications and video sample submissions are due. All applications will be reviewed by our DisruptHR committee. Please upload a new or recent presentation along with your application.
  • April 25 – All speakers will be confirmed for the event and additional event details will be provided.
  • May 8th – All speaker presentations (20 slides) are due. This deadline is critical, as it allows our committee time to put the 10 presentations together along with branding and connection pages, which have to be tested.

If you are an HR leader or workplace innovator who is eager to share your disruptive ideas on a topic relating to HR and talent – we want to hear from you!


Tickets will be going on sale shortly.

We’re looking for trailblazers and early adopters to join our rebellion and become a corporate sponsor for DisruptHR Windsor 2.0.

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities that are sure to align with your organization’s strategic objective. Click here to view our sponsorship deck.

Originated in Cincinnati in 2013, this movement is build on the belief that as the workplace changes, so should the way in which we engage, motivate and influence our teams. 

DisruptHR sees 10 to 14 speakers who are given only 5 minutes each, and have their slides rotate every 15 seconds. These quick talks are meant to shakes things up, it makes you think differently, it leaves you inspired. 

As of July 2023, there were 144 licensed communities in 34 countries that are disrupting the status quo. The way that we’ve approached people and talent in the past won’t always be the best way to approach it in the future. 

To learn more about the format, style, and intention of DisruptHR events, please visit https://disrupthr.co and check out this video “Awesomeness Is Not Accidental” – a DisruptHR talk by Jennifer McClure – CEO of DisruptHR LLC & Unbridled Talent LLC

DisruptHR Cincinnati 1.0 – December 4, 2013 in Cincinnati, OH #DisruptHRCincy

We had a wonderful group of leaders speak at our first DisruptHR Windsor last November. Click here to video their talks.