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4 Reasons to Do Business With Companies that Give Back

People are starting to pay more attention than ever before to the businesses they support and how those businesses are socially responsible. They want to work with companies that help make a difference, support ethical and environmental issues, and stand behind more than just a product or service. In fact, 70% of consumers want to support companies that give back.

When deciding which company to do business with, people want to find one that aligns with their values and beliefs. People want companies that make them feel like they are making a difference when they give them their business

When deciding which business to make your next purchase from or which business to hire services through, consider their corporate giving initiatives and beliefs. There are many benefits to working with socially responsible companies. Here are 4 reasons why you should do business with a company that gives back:

Giving Back Makes Communities Stronger

Businesses, charitable organizations, and the people who support them help build and grow communities together. When you work with a company that gives back, your money becomes cyclical within your community’s economy. The money you give to businesses is then funneled back into community outreach programs and non-profit organizations through that business’s corporate giving initiatives. These initiatives then support people, infrastructure, jobs, the environment, healthcare, and more that ultimately strengthen and grow the community.

A Company You Can Identify With

For many, it is important to find a business that has the same or similar values as them when they choose where to spend their money. When you find a company that matches your values, you can personally identify and connect with them. Through that connection, you’re able to feel pride and satisfaction that your money is being spent in the right place. 

It also becomes a company that you are proud to share with your family, friends, co-workers, business partners, or consumers. As well, it’s a relationship that you can cultivate and pursue that could have many benefits for you.

The Joy of Giving

We all know the feeling we get when we donate or give back to a cause directly. It feels good, and it feels right. Quite simply, doing business with a company that gives back feels good. In general, giving back is proven to boost happiness, life satisfaction, and overall health. It helps provide people and businesses with a sense of purpose and a feeling that they have contributed to the betterment of the world.

When doing business with companies that give back, you can have peace of mind that your money will not go right to the pockets of CEOs or executives. Instead, a portion of it will go into the community and towards people in need. You can trust that your business is helping to make a difference in the world and not harming communities or people.

Help Make a Difference

48% of consumers believe that supporting socially responsible businesses is a ‘more effective’ way to promote change. By doing business with socially responsible companies, you don’t have to write a cheque to donate to something you support. A company that gives back is a company that takes your investment as a customer and puts it into a charity or cause that can make a difference.

Supporting socially responsible businesses is a way to make your everyday purchases count. You might not have the resources to give back to a cause directly, or you already have supported a couple, so this is a way to continue to give back daily. It might seem like it’s not a lot, but your continued loyalty and purchases help these businesses continue to give back, and collectively, we all help them make a difference.

Next time you go to do business with a company, check their website or the news to see what causes they support. They may donate or volunteer for a cause that is close to your own heart. Then, when you give them your money, you have a better idea of the change that transaction could make.