Refer your friends and Earn up to $1,000* per Successful Referral

Help Someone Find A New Job

Do you know someone who is looking for a new position? Refer your friend for one of our opportunities by completing our referral form. A recruiter from The Job Shoppe will reach out to your referral and see if they qualify for one of our open positions. Once they begin working and hit hours guarantees and you will be rewarded. 

  • $100 Referral Reward for Industrial Roles 
  • $200 Referral Reward for Administrative Roles 
  • $1,000 Referral Reward for Corporate Roles  

Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Qualified friends and family members are individuals who complete the entire interview process, are hired on, and someone who is not currently in our system or worked for us in the past. 
  2. The referral must be employed by The Job Shoppe at the time of the reward(s) handout.
  3. The referral reward amount and conditions for reward vary based on job type. The referral must always work a minimum set of hours and be in good standing to qualify for the reward(s) handout
    1. Industrial (Up to $100):  $25 after 160hrs, $25 after 320hrs, $50 after 640hrs
    2. Administrative (Up to $200): Rewarded after 90 days of work.
    3. Corporate (Up to $1000): Rewarded after 90 days of work.
  4. A referral must be made before a candidate applying.
  5. If multiple referrals are made for the same individual, the referral will be attached to the Ambassador who submitted their referral first.
  6. Any/all referral rewards will be administered via Tango Card.
  7. The Job Shoppe reserves the right to change the program rules at any time without prior notice.