Three Ways The Job Shoppe Can Provide Human Resources Solutions

Let’s face it, managing people can be tricky at the best of times. From recruitment and onboarding to engagement programs and the new challenges with remote working thanks to Covid-19, it’s easy to see how HR teams can become swamped with all these tasks.

The good news is that companies don’t have to go it alone. Many companies utilize Human Resource firms to help them execute on a portion, or all, of their HR and staffing needs. The right Workforce Partner will act as an extension of your internal teams, provide data-driven insight, and create innovative solutions. This allows companies to focus on their core business activates, execute internal strategies, and position themselves for growth.

In this blog, The Job Shoppe will outline the top three challenges for HR teams right now and how we can help solve those issues.

  1. Attracting Top Talent

Attracting and placing top talent is by far the top area of concern for HR teams and it’s for good reason – people are a company’s greatest asset. The right hire will strength your existing team and allow for greater capacity, while the wrong hire can damage morale, reduce productivity, and cost money. As the economic landscape keeps changing, companies open positions and needs are frequently updated. As company culture changes and adapts filling these vacancies can be more difficult than ever before.

The Job Shoppe’s Solutions:

Searching for and placing talent is one of our core functionalities. The Job Shoppe has assembled an internal team who are passionate about connection skillful candidates with leading companies. The Job Shoppe has a large network of talent pipelines which can allow for faster fills of quality employees. Connect to a community of businesses and a variety of candidates with different skills and abilities that can fit the position you need to fill. Specializing in all forms of recruitment, we have the resources and tools to make it as easy as 1-2-3.

Insider Tip:

When screening candidates, focus more on their fit with the organization. Look for evidence that they enjoy learning, that they’re up for the challenge, and that they’re comfortable with change. The questions should surround overall culture and long-term goals of your organization. By looking out for these qualities, you’ll be creating a team of employees who are likely to achieve the business’ training and development objectives, even as they transform over time.

2) Developing Benchmarks for Success

In today’s team and collaborative environment, having a performance review with employees is a great communication and evaluation tool. Keys to effective performance management include setting clear goals, determining key responsibilities, identifying and using competencies, continuous feedback, and giving objective appraisal for performance. The foundation of good performance discussion is the trust that comes from a relationship between the colleagues. If there is trust, anything can be discussed in a way that is of value.

The Job Shoppe’s Solutions:

The Job Shoppe offers customized solutions that successfully implement performance review programs that will motivate and encourage your staff to continually meet your company’s goals. By creating effective benchmarks, it standardizes tasks and performance indicators. This communicates expectations with associated targets and descriptions of expected end results and due dates.

Insider Tip:

Continuous performance management software makes it easier for managers to map our career trajectories and to provide the mentoring that people need to become their best selves.

3) Creating a Quality Employee Experience

It’s not uncommon to find high staff turnover in fast-paced companies. Even though you might manage to hire the best employees, keeping them around becomes the next obstacle and one of the greatest human resource challenges. Rehiring for numerous positions can cost a company a lot of time and resources. By enhancing their experience, your employees will continue to be satisfied with their job. This will lower the likelihood of considering other employers. We’re talking about the modern concept of employee engagement.

The Job Shoppe’s Solutions:

Our programs are tailored to each specific industry and company. We provide associates with training and experiential learning opportunities. By staying committed to evolving your digital programming with The Job Shoppe’s help, your company will be better off in the recovery and more capable and resilient in the long run. This will improve your employees’ processes and allow for them to continue to thrive, even at home. And it gets better. By implementing these development strategies, employees will perform better and be more motivated to put in the work to achieve your company goals.

Insider Tip:

So, focus on creating an employee experience that’s a notch above the competition. You can do this by offering engaging online training, gym facilities, flexi-time, or other incentives. Build a culture that is inspiring and welcoming and encourage your leaders and managers to lead by example.

What can we do to help?

We must face this year’s HR challenges with an open mind. As industries and technologies continue to evolve, new generations enter the workforce, globalization increases competition, and the nature of work responds and adapts to environmental influences, it will be Human Resources that will strengthen an organization’s key requirement: its people.

The Job Shoppe provides unique and customizable services that are proven to help your company be more adaptable and face your HR challenges with the expertise to successfully navigate the unknown. We can offer insight on successful candidate acquisition and provide extensive talent pools with various skills and experiences. Further, we have the capabilities for in-depth reporting on statistics like turnover and absenteeism. Our services range from providing resources on employee engagement activities, performance reviews, and managing a team.

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