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Top 4 Reasons to Work a Seasonal Job

Taking on a seasonal position can be a great way to kickstart your career and build your resume. Across the country there are thousands of seasonal opportunities in many different industries that could lead to your next big opportunity. In 2020 alone, over 310 000 Canadians worked seasonal jobs.

In this article we will discuss the  top 4 reasons you should apply for a seasonal job.

What is a Seasonal Job?

Seasonal employment is a temporary job that hires during a certain period of the year. These jobs come about for many reasons as companies’ needs change throughout the year. Farms and agricultural companies will need more workers during the harvest season, retail stores need more customer service workers during the holidays, and the list goes on.

Why Should You Work a Seasonal Job?

  • Build Your Resume

Seasonal jobs are one of the best ways to quickly build your skills and experience.  They are great opportunities to bridge any gaps in your resume or build a bridge into a new industry. It also helps add new skills, traits, references, and experience you might not have gotten anywhere else.

  • Get Your Foot in the Door

Many times seasonal jobs can turn into permanent positions. Companies tend to use seasonal positions to see how the employee will fit in with their company before they offer them a permanent position. Seasonal employees are already trained, they know the company and corporate culture, management and coworkers so there is less time to ramp up. 

So, if you’re looking for full-time employment, seasonal opportunities are a great way to get your foot in the door. Treat this job like it is your permanent position and make your intent clear to your supervisor. Then when the season comes to an end, you’ll be at the forefront for permanent hires.

  • Learn a New Skill/Job

Don’t turn away from a seasonal opportunity just because it isn’t in your field or what you went to school for. All job experience is good experience. You never know what you’re going to learn, who you’re going to meet, and what the job could turn into. Seasonal opportunities are often jobs that wouldn’t pop up on a job board any other time of the year, or if they do, they’re not hiring a lot of people. Seasonal jobs are a great opportunity to get in on a job that could teach you something new that could lead somewhere you never expected.

  • Test Out Something New

Seasonal positions are great if you’re looking to try out a new industry or job position. Since they’re not permanent, if you don’t like it there’s an end date. If you do like it, then you’ve gained valuable skills and experience that are needed in that industry and you can add that work experience to your resume. If it’s a company or industry you’re seeking full-time employment at, seasonal jobs are like an internship where you can test out the company and industry and see if it’s a fit. 


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